Thick As A Brick

A few days ago I was at my favorite B&M, exploring the walk-in and trying to decide if I should go with an old favorite or try something new. I saw The Brick, which I had heard good things about, and it was selling for half the price of the other cigars I’d been considering. I bought it and headed to the lounge to check it out.

It’s appropriately named. It’s a rectangular box press that’s densely packed, but it draws perfectly. The wrapper was flawless, and the white ash made it to an inch and a half before it fell in my lap. (I waited just one puff to0 long before tapping it off.)

This is not an fancy cigar with nuances of this and hints of that and a flavor profile that changes as you smoke it. It’s is a good, medium-strength, cigar-flavored cigar.

The best price I found was at Mike’s Cigars.

Check ‘em Out.

5 Pack

Box of 20